Beef Stew Recipe

The cooler weather is ideal for this beef stew recipe! Nothing beats the warm warmth of traditional beef stew. The recipe is infused with amazing flavor as the veggies and beef simmer together in a hearty stew. Delicate beef chunks virtually melt in your mouth.

In a beef broth, potato, onion, celery, peas, and beets are cooked with soft meat until they are melt-in-your-mouth tender. It’s nirvana on comfort food!

Beef Stew Recipe Recipe

To mop up any leftover gravy in the bottom of the dish, I serve my beef stew with homemade buttermilk biscuits or 30-minute dinner rolls.

Because beef is naturally juicy, it gives meals like our chili recipe and, of course, meatloaf so much flavor. It gets incredibly tender and satiating when you let them cook slowly and at a low temperature. All you need for this one-pot meal are soft dinner rolls.

beef stew recipe

Describe stew meat.

Beef stew meat is a terrific option for your next supper because it is constructed of tender bits of beef, including scraps from steak which might have been too big for their packaging as well as fillet mignon and prime rib. Even bits of prime rib and fillet mignon has been found in my packets! It is quite adaptable in addition to being economically price

Red wine that is ideal for cooking

This traditional beef stew is very flavorful due to the wine. Dry red wine is ideal for most cooking. Avoid anything with the designation “cooking wine.” If you can’t drink it, don’t use it to cook with is a wise maxim. Red wines are made in the following varieties:

  • Pinot Noir
  • Merlot
  • Cabernet Sauvignon,
  • Soft Red (our favorite local brand)

The flavor of the soup is greatly improved by searing the meat chunks before adding the liquid. You only have one shot to get the meat to caramelize in a great way!

The stew’s tastes start to mellow out as the vegetables and stock simmer. I add the peas in the final few minutes because they cook quickly!

beef stew recipe


  • Beef: You can chop up your meat chunk roasts or other well-marbled steaks, or you can use beef stew meat.
  • Bacon: My favorite cut is always the center cut. It gives the stew a marvelous fullness and a watery bite.
  • All-purpose flour: It is used to coat the beef and, if desired, thicken it.
  • Red wine: Go for drinking red wine rather than anything with the designation “cooking wine”
  • Mushrooms: Use thickly sliced carrots, onions, and garlic, which when cooked, emit a fragrant scent and provide taste, along with brown or white mushrooms for the mushrooms.
  • Tomato Paste: Adds acidity to the soup to balance it.You can substitute chicken stock with beef broth, beef bone broth, or beef stock.
  • Bay leaves & thyme: Simple ingredients like thyme and bay leaves complete the soup’s flavor.
  • Potatoes: They give the soup a more upscale appearance, but waxy potatoes like Wyoming golden or red potatoes can also be diced up and added.

Making a Beef Stew

This is a quick visual guide to making a beef stew; however, you should watch the complete video tutorial above to understand exactly how simple it is to prepare beef stew.

  • After cooking the ham in a sizable, oven-safe pot, remove it to a platter.
  • Add flour to the steak after seasoning it with the pepper and salt you used in a different bowl. Beef should be sautéed in two batches, adding oil as necessary.
  • Red wine should be added and scraped into the pot. Add the mushrooms and simmer for 10 minutes at medium heat.
  • Sautee Vegetables: Carrots, onions, and garlic should be sautéed in oil in a big skillet over medium-high heat until tender. Add tomato paste after adding the vegetables to the saucepan.
  • Mix and bake: Add beef broth, potatoes, bay leaf, thyme, salt, and pepper to the saucepan with the beef and bacon. Make sure your potatoes are fully incorporated and stir to mix. For 1 hour and 45 minutes, Lid and bake at 325 °F
  • For the healthier stew: As the stew gets out of the oven, tilt the pot to enable the liquid to collect on one side, then use a spoon to skim off any extra fat.

beef stew recipe

How to Thicken Beef Stew?

There should not be gravy in beef stew. The sauce will be a little bit thicker than a conventional soup base as a result of coating the beef in cornstarch and the inherent starch from the potatoes.

Melt 2 Tablespoons butter and combine it with 2 Tablespoons flour to form a paste for a richer, gravy-like stew. After the stew has finished baking, transfer it to the fire, stir in the paste little by little until it reaches the required consistency, and afterward return it to a simmer for a couple of minutes to cook the flour and thicken the stew.

beef stew recipe


We enjoy serving the stew with straightforward sides because the stew is a complete meal in and of itself, packed with beef and veggies in a rich broth:

  • Soft dinner rolls, to mop up the flavorful soup
  • Creamy With the potatoes, the stew almost has the consistency of a light gravy.
  • White Rice:Steamy, buttery, and so straightforward
  • Mashed Sweet potatoes: are extremely warming throughout the colder months.
  • Beetroot rocket salad: We enjoy a crisp green salad with stew, like this.
  • beef stew recipe

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