How Long Does Broccoli Last in the Fridge

Have you ever wondered how long broccoli stays fresh? Broccoli has a limited shelf life, like every other fresh vegetable. How long can you store it before it spoils is the current question.

To consume healthy, fresh broccoli, you must know the response to this inquiry. Read on to find out more!

How Long Does Broccoli Last?

The response would depend on several variables. For instance, it depends on the circumstances of the storage facility where the broccoli was kept, when it was harvested, and how it was when you purchased it.

Pantry Fridge
Raw Broccoli 2-3 days 4-7 days
Broccoli Florets 3-4 days
Cooked  Broccoli 3-4 days

Broccoli Shelf Life:

  • Fresh whole broccoli can be stored for up to a year in the freezer, 7–10 days in the fridge and 2–3 days in the pantry.
  • Freshly cut broccoli will only last for about a day. It can keep for three to five days in the refrigerator and up to a year in the refrigerator.
  • Broccoli that has been cooked should not be kept in a pantry. It can still be kept in your fridge for two to three days. Broccoli that has been cooked can be kept in the refrigerator for up to a year.

What affects the shelf life of broccoli?

According to what was said earlier, a few things can affect how long or short your broccoli will last. You can maintain your broccoli healthy and fresh by being aware of these things.

Cut/whole broccoli: Whole broccoli lasts a lot longer than cut broccoli relative to broccoli that has previously been cut. The broccoli degenerates more quickly once you cut it into spikes and away from the stalk.

Temperature: After the broccoli is picked, it starts to lose internal moisture. Broccoli remains fresh thanks to moisture. Broccoli’s moisture evaporates more quickly at warmer temperatures. Broccoli should ideally be kept in storage between 40 and 70 degrees Fahrenheit.

Whether cooked or raw, broccoli may quickly go bad. Compared to raw broccoli, it has a lower shelf life. Moreover, cooked broccoli can be frozen.

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How do you tell if broccoli is fresh?

How Long Does Broccoli Last in the Fridge
How Long Does Broccoli Last in the Fridge

One of the most nutrient-dense veggies is broccoli. Despite its nutritional value, broccoli will eventually run out just like any other vegetable. The more nutrients it has lost the longer it has been stored. You must eat broccoli while it is at its freshest because of this.

Checklist for Fresh Broccoli:

  • Pure broccoli has a vivid green tint: The color gradually shifts from green to yellow as time goes on. Hence, you may determine whether broccoli is fresh by seeing how green or yellow it is. Please be aware that just because your broccoli’s florets start to turn yellow doesn’t mean it’s currently unfit for consumption. Your broccoli’s yellow broccoli, though, can have a bitter flavor. Before cooking, you may easily cut out the yellow bits of the broccoli & keep the green parts.
  • Stem: The broccoli’s firm, green stem is also known as its stalk. The stem is fresher when it is stiffer and greener.
  • Mold: Broccoli will attract mold if it is left out in the elements for an extended period. It will still become moldy although if you put it in the refrigerator because the temperature isn’t set right. Mold can at times seem grey or black. If you notice any mold, discard the items.
  • Smell: The aroma of raw broccoli might be odorless or earthy. But, when it begins to deteriorate, it will emit a powerful, disagreeable scent akin to a rotten egg.
  • Texture: Fresh broccoli has a stiff or strong texture to the touch. Yet, when it loses its freshness, it becomes floppy and weak. The broccoli head finally turns slimy and pallid. It’s advisable to stop eating broccoli when this occurs.

Do You Need to Refrigerate Broccoli?

How Long Does Broccoli Last in the Fridge
How Long Does Broccoli Last in the Fridge

Although broccoli can be kept at ambient temperature for up to three days without refrigeration, it will eventually turn yellow. But, it will last for between four and seven days if you keep it in the refrigerator.

In other terms, refrigeration doubles the amount of time broccoli can be kept fresh, making it an even better alternative for storage than putting it out on the counter.

How to Keep Broccoli Fresh?

Fresh broccoli should be kept refrigerated in the refrigerator for the best storage results. Throw it in the refrigerator when you get home from the store, and you’re ready to go.

  • Before storing the broccoli, avoid washing it.
  • You don’t want to encourage mold growth by adding more moisture. Rather, only wash it when you’re prepared to use it.
  • The refrigerator should also contain cut broccoli. Place all cut florets and stems in a freezer bag or airtight container, then place them in the refrigerator.
  • Please keep in mind that sliced broccoli ages more quickly than ahead. So, rather than three days before cooking, it is recommended to prepare the vegetable the night before or in the morning.

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