Easy Home Made Delicious Donuts

Among the desserts, the most favorite dish is my Donuts. And I know I’m not the only one who loves donuts, I don’t think that whenever something sweet is placed in front of you, be it donuts or not, your heart will want to eat it once, so never skip to eating donuts.

Donuts are America’s most famous dessert dish, Donuts don’t have to be limited to dessert or can make your breakfast the best, Donors are small, sweet doughs that are usually ring-shaped. Donuts are popular in many countries but most of them are in America. Donuts are usually called Ringnuts.


Many young people are very confused about the spelling of donuts, what do you think? (Doughnuts) this is the correct spelling but I’m using this (Donuts) Because most people know and search by this spelling. Donuts are Glazed and delicious to eat, I have nothing more to say about the donuts. You can also dip the donuts in coffee

Someone has said, You can’t buy life, but you can buy donuts, and I think they’re the same thing for those people who love dessert, Life is too short to eat donuts, donuts must be a circle of life and I’m in love with these holes of Donuts because there is no center. I think when you love dessert you don’t count the calories until you start getting fat.

so today I’m making a special dish for the dessert lovers

Let’s start  Creating…

Table of Contents


Flour 250 gram

Milk 1/2cup

Yeast 10 gram

Sugar 30 gram

Salt 1/2 tsp

Eggs 2

Butter 25 gram

Oil 3cup

Frosting Ingredients

Icing Sugar 2-3cup

Vanilla Essene 1tsp

Butter 2tsp

Cocoa Powder 2tsp

Milk 2cup

Sugar Sparkles 2tsp


In a bowl, mix flour, yeast, sugar, a pinch of salt, egg yolk, and butter, and make a paste with lukewarm milk. When the dough is ready, knead it again, take one inch-thick ball, cut it into the shape of a donut, cover it again, and keep it for fifteen minutes. Now heat the oil in a kadhai and deep fry the donuts on a low flame and let it cool.

For Frosting, take a bowl, mix two cups of easy sugar, one teaspoon of vanilla essence, two tablespoons of butter, and as needed to make a thick paste. Now separate half of the frosting and mix two tablespoons of cocoa powder, then apply vanilla essence on half of the donuts and sprinkle two tablespoons of sugar. When the icing is set, Donuts are ready…

The Delicious donuts are ready


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