How long do Apples Last in the Fridge

Your neighborhood discount store or farmer’s market has a wide variety of apples, including Granny Smith, Golden Delicious, Fuji, Red Delicious, and old-fashioned collections.

Whatever assortment you adopt, the unreal apple should be crunchy, juicy, delicious, and slightly sour. How long will it stay like this once I bring it home? To find out how to store apples for as long as possible and whether chilling is the best way to preserve them, we spoke with two experts.

In this article, we examine the average shelf life of apples, the aspect that influences them, and how to store apples to keep them as crisp as achievable.

Life Span

How long do Apples Last in the Fridge
How long do Apples Last in the Fridge

Many fruit wholesalers keep apples fresh for months in a controlled environment before they reach grocery stores. For example, a chemical called 1-methylcyclopropene is commonly used to treat apple barrels (1-MCP).

By blocking the effects of ethylene, achromatic gas that promotes food ripening, the use of 1-MCP prevents refrigeration ripening of apples. But as soon as the fruit is removed from these conditions, ripening begins again.

Below is an approximate shelf life for apples, depending on how they are cooked and stored.

On the counter: 5–7 days

In the pantry: 3 weeks

In the refrigerator: 4–6 weeks

Once cut: 3–5 days in the fridge, 8 months in the freezer

Made into applesauce: 7–10 days in the fridge, 2 months in the freezer

Cooked, as in the case of apple pie: 3–5 days in the fridge

How long will Apple be around?

How long do Apples Last in the Fridge
How long do Apples Last in the Fridge?

Apples often last up to 5 weeks in the refrigerator if left unattended in their own device. You can store it there if you want, but it already has a pretty good shelf life. However, there are actually ways to extend that period. Many of these are:

Store fruit without washing. No matter how assiduously the fruit is dried after washing, chilled apple skins will still be damaged and affected to early cavity growth and rot. Some people find it difficult to leave their produce dirty, but commemorate that it’s better to open the refrigerator for moldy fruit! If you can, you can wash the fruit, but taking the opportunity to wash the fruit before assuming it in the refrigerator Reduces the amount of age it takes to eat fruit ahead it spoils.

Separately pack the fruit. Carefully wrapping the apples in plastic wrap prevents them from spoiling and speeds up the process. For every apple, start by taking a bottle foil wrapper and cutting off individual leaves. Wrap the whole fruit around, being careful not to over assemble the excess plastic. Extra creases can trap contraction and allow moisture to enter, while bare areas are not well protected. In addition, excess wrap should be avoided to prevent immediate leaks.

Making them complete: The rapid decay that details apples to “brown” can be avoided by refrigerating the whole apple. Thinly slicing apples may seem like a way to save space, but it only hastens their death. Do not cut apple slices unless you plan to prep them before storing. Only you can undo the work Refrigerator does to remain relevant to you.

How to increase the shelf life of Apples?

How long do Apples Last in the Fridge
How long do Apples Last in the Fridge

It is possible to improve the shelf-life of apples by following appropriate fruit storage practices at home.

The following suggestions will assist you in maintaining your apple as fresh as possible:

  • Wait until you’re prepared to cook and consume them before washing your apples.
  • Keep your apples intact until you’re ready to consume them because oxygen exposure can hasten the pace of oxidation and decay.
  • Keep entire apples in the crisper drawer of the refrigerator rather than the cupboard or on the countertop to preserve their freshness for longer.
  • Wrap each apple in a plastic or paper sack to prevent the release of ethylene production, which can accelerate the ripening of nearby apples.
  • Soak cut apples in a solution of 1 tablespoon (5 ml) lemon juice and 1 cup (240 ml) water to avoid browning that results from natural oxidation.

Countertop versus refrigerator

If you want to make your apples last longer. We both think that storing apples in the freezer compartment of the refrigerator is a wonderful idea. They may be kept in a refrigerator for six to eight weeks, and if your room is warm, the refrigerator is the best place to keep apple including for a shorter time frame. They can still be left out on the counter for between one or two weeks before they go bad if you don’t keep them in the refrigerator.

Separate them from other fruits

Particularly if the apple themselves are injured or overripe, “apples release the volatile hormonal ethylene, which will drive other veggies and fruits to ripen faster.”

If you are not interested in promoting the maturation of other produce, put apples in a separate produce drawer or in a glass tub or bag in the refrigerator. She continues, saying that if they are on the table, they can be kept separate from other fruits in a bowl or a paper bag.

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