Recipe for Banana Pudding

A simple recipe for homemade Banana pudding. Between layers of chocolate or vanilla wafers and sliced Bananas is a rich and velvety Banana pudding. Puddings do not need to be baked, which makes them popular at reunions and picnics. This recipe for no-cook Banana custard is simple to prepare and delicious.

Everyone should have a reliable recipe for Banana puddings in their arsenal, and this is the easiest and tastiest thing ever.  It was the best Banana pudding you’ll ever find, many people have assured me.

Perks of Banana custard

Recipe for Banana Pudding
Recipe for Banana Pudding

Speaking of sweets using Bananas, the first thing that comes to mind is Banana pudding. See why you’ll love these recipes below.

  • This dessert does not depend upon baking and is very inexpensive to assemble.
  • It is easy to prepare, so even beginners can make it right away.
  • Considering picnics and parties, provides delicacy that fascinates.
  • Everyone is having fun. Great for adults and children

Ingredients for Banana custard

The ingredients for our best Banana custard recipe are readily available and simple to assemble:

  • Vanilla custard mix is mixed in cold milk to begin this simple Banana custard recipe.
  • Sweetened condensed milk: This Banana custard contains sweetened condensed milk, much like so many other delectable treats.
  • Banana custard tastes better when made with vanilla extract.
  • Frozen whipped topping: For just a rich, fluffy texture, fold frozen whipping crust (like Cool Whip) into the custard mixture.
  • Vanilla waffle:These crunchy delicacies appreciate the sweetness.

You will definitely need Bananas. Slice just before making pudding.

Prep Time: 25 mins

Total Time: 25 mins

Servings: 20

Making Banana Pudding

Recipe for Banana Pudding
Recipe for Banana Pudding

There is no perfect dessert when you’re trying to serve anything that needs the stove to be on.

Make pudding:

In a large bowl, whisk chilled milk, vanilla, and custard until thickened. Omit the condensed milk.

Whisk the strong whipped cream until it has firm, fluffy peaks in a separate bowl. 2/3 of the creamy should be gently folded into the custard using a spatula. The leftover whipped cream should be combined with the powdered sugar, then refrigerate till required.


Place 1/4 of a vanilla wafer and 1/4 of the Bananas below your dessert basin. Over the Bananas/wafers, spread 1/4 of the custard. Continue with extra layers. Spread the remaining whipped cream in middle and decorate the pudding if you like. After two hours, services covered and chilled.

Serving Concepts

Using a big serving spoon to scoop up some food is the simplest method to serve this. Here are some great ways to serve custard.

Pipe into jars or miniature cups for a neater appearance!

Casserole – Place ingredients in a round, square, or 3-quart rectangle baking dish.


This pudding can be organized in countless creative ways and is quite resilient.

  • Or use mocha, Banana, or caramel pudding.
  • You can omit Bananas entirely or replace them with berries.
  • Extra Layer – Instead of putting more whipped cream over the custard, top it with a stack.
  • Add caramel drizzle to the layers.
  • Between the layers, spread peanut butter.

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