Hello, I’m Natasha. A curly-headed lady and a maker of sweet things. I inherited my love of sweets and baking for others from my grandmother and great aunt, who were always the suppliers of cakes on birthdays, pies on holidays. I’m fairly certain that in another life, I was a full-time baker. I like comforting food that is as delicious as it is satisfying.

About Natasha

I grew up in the country in Texas with large spaces, lazy porches, and winding roads. I now live in Atlanta, Georgia, which I have grown to love–the changing leaves and definitive seasons, the close proximity to mountains and beach. Georgia has given me moments of wonder and introduced me to some of the best places, eats/drinks, and people. And the peaches, oh, the peaches. I used to think I’d venture northward or westward, but it seems the south has its hold on me for now.

I have a kitten named Atari who traveled halfway across the country with me. He likes to lay in sun beams and drink out of the faucet and is basically awesome. I call him little bear.

I spend much of my time with a sweet man who makes the best coffee on the planet, rides a baby blue bike, and has freckly eyelids. He is smart and creative and much more interesting than me. He makes all of our non-dessert/non-sweet food items and is my unofficial hand model and taste tester of all my baked goods. His name is Dale.

Other things. I’ve been known to eat Cotija cheese by the forkful. I prefer to live in flowy garments, and I hate pants (unless high-waisted). I’m a worried baker, rarely certain. I’m an anti-hoarder–I really like to throw things away. And my favorite fruit is Texas red grapefruit, sprinkled with cinnamon. Also, I want to make tartlets forever.